How to Raise Low Protein Levels

How to Raise Low Protein Levels

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To maintain a healthy body and muscular system you need to ingest protein throughout the day. Receiving a minimal amount of protein can cause the muscles in your body to shrink and wither. Increasing your low protein level can rebuild your muscles to a healthy form, and increasing your protein level does not mean you need to increase your calorie and fat intake levels.

Drink a protein shake for breakfast. This is an easy way to increase your protein level and start of your morning with a strong metabolism. Mix protein powder with water or low-fat milk and you can easily ingest 20 grams of protein for breakfast (the daily recommendation is around 50).

Eat chicken or turkey products for lunch. Poultry typically has a high protein count with a minimal calorie and fat count, so all you are eating is healthy protein.

Snack on cheese or yogurt throughout the day. Eating a few slices of cheese or a small cup of yogurt between meals can keep your metabolism up while giving you an added boost to your low protein level.

Eat lean cuts of meat or fish for dinner. Most meat is going to have a high amount of protein and fish is going to have large protein levels while harboring next to no fat.

Drink another protein shake a few hours before going to bed. This is going to keep you from snacking during the night and give you a last push to your protein level.


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